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We provide our clients with revolutionary and highly effective CO2 laser mole removal, age spots removal and verrucae removal therapy procedures.

Advanced Technology

Radiowave is a modern scientific technology that is used to treat a number of soft tissue disease or conditions, from the skin to deeper tissues. The invention of this technology has really simplified the treatment of warts, moles, and other common skin growths and interestingly it only takes a few minutes to carry out such procedures.

At Renew Skin And Health Clinic specialises in scarless removal of lesions (PPP, Fordyce spots, moles, skin tags, warts, fibrous papules, brown spots, solar keratoses and other common and uncommon growths) on the face and elsewhere in the body. These techniques that Dr Jha uses are particularly helpful in facial growths as there is no scarring and the recovery is fairly short.

Whether you want to enhance the appearance of your face, body and hair or get skin blemish on removed, we have the knowledge, experience and passion for excellence to help you look and feel your best. WhatsApp us today at 01926 422 454 for a free online consultation. We welcome patients from all across United Kingdom.

Client Reviews

Very honest, prompt and professional service. Within a few minutes of enquiring I was invited to speak to Dr Jha directly on the phone. He was very open and honest about my condition and I felt at all times like he had my best interests as a patient at heart. Not only was he incredibly medically experienced, but he was very transparent and did not try to upsell or give me any false reassurances.I would 100% recommend this clinic to anyone unsure or enquiring about treatment, seeking an honest, well accredited and medically professional service.
I have absolutely nothing but great things to say about this establishment. Iโ€™m from *Canada and I received a free online consultation with Dr Jha regarding the normality or abnormality of what I was worried may have been an infection. After taking a look at the photos Dr Jha reassured me of the normalcy of the condition and itโ€™s benign nature. It took a huge weight off my shoulders and I was able to feel comfortable with my body again. He responded within minutes of my inquiry and answered all my questions in both a timely, professional, and most importantly *reassuring manor. Iโ€™m so grateful to Doctor Jha and his knowledge and experience for helping me through a stressful period in my life. I have nothing but good things to say. They absolutely deserve all the positive ratings they receive and many more. FIVE STARS. HANDS DOWN. ๐Ÿ™‚
JD Buzz
Fantastic experience at Renew! Treatment and follow up appointments by Dr. Jha were professional and the staff are very friendly! My treatment was during covid pandemic and I could not fault the extra steps taken to ensure everything was safe and sterile. Excellent aftercare too! Really pleased with the work I had done, given me a huge confidence boost and I would definitely recommend them!
Sara Moore
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